Fossils Club

Our before and after-school club is known as 'Fossils' and is run by Stockton Primary School.   Mrs Diane Cooper and Mrs Kate Cotter provide excellent care and the club is very well attended.  Activities vary evening to evening and include arts and crafts, cooking,  computing and games.  For children who just want to 'chill' after school, toys and games are provided.  Staff also help out with homework where needed and will encourage children to practice spellings, read etc. if required. 

Booking is flexible if you require hours between 8.00 and 5.30 - if you require an earlier start we ask for a contract to be established.  Breakfast is served until 8.30 - we provide a choice of healthy options such as fresh fruit, toast, cereal and juice.  A reduced fee is charged for a 'drop off' after 8.30.

Afternoon sessions include a light snack such as crumpets, sandwiches and fruit.

For further details please contact the school office or request a prospectus.